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    Jewish Cultural Center "Arie Livne"

Jevrejski kulturni centar "Arie Livne"JKC LOGOJewish Cultural Center "Arie Livne" (established on the 2nd of September 2014) is a cultural institution whose main objective is to promote the ideas of peace, humanism and social justice. It’s the first object of this type built on the Balkans since the end of the World War II and it is the first place that is renewing Jewish life, according to the president of the center Arie Livne. Preserving the cultural traditions of the Jewish people is the main task, but the aim of the founder of the Jewish cultural center is to become a gathering place for the intellectual elite, artists from the region and beyond, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.


Arie LivneThe president of the Jewish cultural center, the Special Representative and Head of Commercial Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Israel, advisor to the President of the Republic of Srpska, senator of the Republic of Srpska, special representative of the World Jewish Congress Arie Livni was born in Budapest in 1921. He spent his childhood in Novi Sad, from where he moved to Budapest, with his parents, in 1941. Hungarian fascists mobilized him in 1942, in the mine near Bor, in eastern Serbia, where they took all Jews from Romania, Czechoslovakia, beyond the Carpathian Mountains parts of Russia for hard labor. Before the end of the War, after noticing that the Hungarians and the Germans retreat, Arie Livne was transferred to the territory controlled by partisan forces where he joined them. At the end of 1944, his parents were transported to Auschwitz where his mother was killed, and his father survived due to his knowledge of the German language by becoming a scribe. Part of the family from Koprivnica was killed in the concentration camp Jasenovac, and the other part in Budapest, so Arie Livne remained the only surviving member of the once numerous family Livne.

For a certain period of time, thanks to the support of friends from the former camp in Bor, he lead a film company in Belgrade as director of the film department, and in 1956 he moved to Israel, where he founded the Israel Film Archive, which today bears the name of the famous director Steven Spielberg. He was director of the news department of the Government of Israel, and then Deputy General Director of the Jewish Agency.

He has received special letters of thanks of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for merits in deepening and strengthening friendly relations between the Serbian and Jewish people and a Medal of Honor of the Republika of Srpska of the first degree for merit and support the Serbian people.