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Saturday, 04 June 2016 17:22


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The Association of Serbian – Jewish Friendship organized on 2nd of June in the Jewish Cultural Center ''Аrie Livne'' in Banja Luka an official membership cards awarding ceremony for the members of this Association.
Among guests at the ceremony were the president of Jewish Community and honorary member of the Association of Serbian - Jewish Friendship, Mr Arie Livne, Minister of Education and Culture at the Government of the Republic of Srpska, Mr Dane Malešević, president of the Jewish Cultural Center ''Arie Livne'', Mr Đorđe Mikeš, members of the Board of Directors, numerous members of the Association and guests.
Honorary member of the Association of Serbian – Jewish Friendship, Mr Arie Livne, addressed the audience during his speech and awarded membership cards to 200 members of the Association. Mr Livne said that he is pleased that many people joined the Association. ''I can tell you that many persons with whom I talked recently expressed their interest to join the Association which made me very happy. Our primary goal is to establish the friendship among Jewish and Serbian people, and I think that we have great chances to do so, because both parts are willing to achieve this goal'', said Mr Livne. Also, Mr Livne emphasized that he plans to organize field trips for groups of around 15 people from Banja Luka and Republic of Srpska to Israel, but the details of those field trips will be discussed later on. ''Anyhow, this was a very successful evening. I am happy that many notable guests are present at the Association’s ceremony, and notable guests are all of you who came'' added Mr Livne.

Among guests at the official membership cards awarding ceremony was the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Dane Malešević who also accepted his membership card. Minister Malešević said that he is content for being the member of the Association.
''During my first contact with the Association I realized that there are many plans and ideas about Association’s work and activities. I know that the Association will work on connecting Serbian and Jewish people and on promotion of Jewish culture'', said Minister Malešević. Also, he said that it would be very imporant that the Association works on preserving the memory on Holocoust during WWII. Minister Malešević emphasized that the Ministry will support Association's activities in the fields such as education and culture.
The vice – president of the Association of Serbian – Jewish Friendship, Mr Zoran Pejašinović, said that the Association after Funding Assembly meeting which was held on 8th of January, started its work and created the Annual work plan.
Mr. Pejašinović also said that the Association participated in marking the 27th of January - International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and that Association’s members they were present at Remembrance Day for Victims of Ustasha Crime in Donja Gradina on 8th of May.
''The Association’s next activity is to plan and organize an important event ''Days of Israel in the Republic of Srpska'', which will be held in the begining of September in Jewish Cultural Center ''Arie Livne'' in Banja Luka. It will be a cultural event which will last for a few days and at this moment we know that among participants of this event will be celebrated choir from Belgrade ''Baruch Brothers'' and many other choirs, cultural workers and notable persons from the Republic of Srpska and Israel. The aim of this event is to present and promote Israel, Jewish culture and tradition in Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska’’, emphasized Mr. Zoran Pejašinović, vice - president of the Association of Serbian - Jewish Friendship.


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