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Saturday, 23 April 2016 08:10

A concert by Zagreb flute ensemble at Jewish Cultural Centre ,,Arie Livne’’ within the event ,,Days of Vlado S. Milošević’’

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Contemporary classical music by ten women flautists


4f2ef17069eb1233e7bdec4c18f2c68ca4be603f3c7fabaec93289ecbb649a4c fullOn 21st of April 2016 at Jewish Cultural Center ,,Arie Livne’’ within the event ,,Days of Vlado S. Milošević’’ was organized a concert by Zagreb flute ensemble, which was their first show in Banja Luka. The music program consisted of compositions by local and international authors and among them were three compositions by Serbian composers Damjan Jovičin, Dragana Tabak, David Mastikosa and compositions by Croatian composers Tibor Sirovica and Ivan Josip Skender.
3d9b9362f7d11ce6477927f314023287715ac7098d589078b3ac8cd9f69f2ae8 fullThis was the Zagreb flute ensemble’s first concert in Banja Luka, and it started with the premiere performance of the composition by Damjan Jovičin, a Serbian composer who lives and studies in Belgrade.
Renata Penezić, the Zagreb flute ensemble director expressed her content with the reception and audience in Banja Luka and she also expressed her gratitude to a young composer David Mastikosa who made their show possible and to the management of Jewish Cultural Center ,,Arie Livne’’.
The audience had a chance to hear the possibilities and varieties of contemporary music which was written for bigger or smaller flute formations, including piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. This musical experience was even more exceptional, because it was a concert of ten women flautists who played compositions written by a generation of young composers.
6b4eddf4ddde359f7dbc9b8bbe04cce165d5f9def469d10670ed0c12b7251930 fullRenata Penezić emphasized that the goal of Zagreb flute ensemble is to promote flute and to make classical music alluring to audience, especially to young people.
The members of Zagreb flute ensemble are: Renata Penezić, Tamara Coha Mandić, Ana Batinica, Dijana Bistrović, Marija Esih, Jelena Geček, Katarina Horvat, Danijela Klarić Mimica, Ivana Vukojević and Marijana Bačelić.


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