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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 15:23


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On the 13th of March 2017, at the Jewish Cultural Center (JKC) ''Arie Livne'', the representatives of the Rotary Club ''Beer Sheeva'' of Israel in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Banja Luka and the Association of Serbo-Jewish Fraternity organized a lecture on the possibilities for economic and scientific cooperation with Israel. This lecture was attended by the members of society, among whom Prof Dr. Aleksandar Lazarevic, Professor Zoran Pejasinovic, Slobodan Boskovic and director of the JKC ''Arie Livne'' Djordje Mikes.
Deputy Mayor of La Havim, Alon Bendet, welcomed the participants and presented the history of the development of one of today's most developed cities in Israel.
Alon Bendet"Before we introduce the city of La Havim, I will tell something about the area where we live. As is it known, the state of Israel was proclaimed in 1948, at a time when Mr. Arie Livne was a soldier, and I'd just been born. It was a small country, mostly desert with no natural resources and a lot of enemies. At such territory, we began to build a life. First there was the city of Beer Sheva (Beersheba), which is, so to speak, a biblical place. Let me remind the story of how Abraham dug seven jars so as to make a peace with the king. You do not need to explain how it is to live in the desert without water, and which problems derive from that. Near Beer Sheva, which was a small place, it found a way "drop by drop" that became known throughout the world. Over time, the city developed and in 1970 had population in its territory of 100,000 inhabitants. Its main industries are the chemical industry and the famous atomic center. Today it has a population of 220,000 people, it is a modern university medical center. "
After exposure to the emergence and development of his native Israeli territory, Mr. Bendet reminded that such a development of the city, whose deputy mayor, could not be implemented without the use of high ISO standards.
"It is important to say that we have achieved significant success in terms of energy saving. Especially when it comes to reducing costs for lighting the city and I led this project personally. Then, there is our tank through which flows daily 1,000 cubic meters of water and in a preparation is a second one that would collect rain water and which would use irrigation. There is a project of the solar system and thanks to solar power plant we sell electric power to companies of which, naturally, we have a financial benefit, and the contract of this kind of economic cooperation would be in effect for 20 years. There are also projects of social importance, country clubs, conservatory, and in a process to be built is the community center with a library. We make very good results in the sports discipline "triathlon" through sports groups. We have completed the construction of the sports complex to the gym, and there is a plan to build a theater and space for activities foreseen for those "55 +". Two years ago we went a step further, by realizing our services and communication of citizens with administrations through applications. This means that citizens can sign up through the app when they notice that bulbs are burned out somewhere or the cracks appeared on the road. Communication in this case is a two-way, which means that all levels of management are informed about what is reported, followed by a quick resolution of the problem, and citizens then receive feedback."
Rafi MontiasThe representative of the city of Kfar Yon, Montias Rafi, whose family was killed during the World War II, before the presentation of the projects in which partecipated, expressed his satisfaction with the visit to Banja Luka on the ground, because his ancestors were tied to the city on the Vrbas.
"I was overjoyed when I learned from my friend that we would visit Banja Luka. I had to come here and, as it were, to close one life cycle. In fact, my father was a plumber in Banja Luka in 1923 and the proof lies in his graduation certificate in this city. I was at the cemetery and I visited the tomb with the inscription of surname Montias and so I am very excited, confused, or sad about the fate of my entire family who perished in the Holocaust ", said Mr. Montias without hiding his emotions. Mr. Montias presented his representativeness in realization of various projects in the country including involvement of the company "Mobil".
''Today, the company ''Intel'' ꞌboughtꞌ ''Mobil'', and it produces a ''smart'' automobile without a driver or security systems for cars. It is enough to say that this company is worth $ 15 billion. It all started with education of children and one of the projects, supported by Rotary club where I am an activist, is the establishment of "Robot League". There are 4 leagues for children in the early grades, and for those who are in secondary schools. They have achieved great successes by competing in these leagues. Five children occupy the first place in Israel today to compete at the global level. Great opportunities are provided through such programs, and here is a reason: when you show to children that these are not just robots or competition but mainly life experience, an opportunity for a kind of development that would help ultimately the development of the community in which they live, they begin to show more interest and, in addition to that, more engagement. Through this program, they received the annual award for innovation.''
He pointed out that this kind of engagement can be a great beginning, a start for children who tend to direct their attention to technology.
"We are trying to inspire young people to get involved in science, technology development, doing research as something that could contribute to the development of the community. To realize the benefits of it and thus contribute to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in their communities. To acquire the skills that would be important for development in the 21st century. An important fact shows that there are currently 300 children included in the program and 100 mentors who oversee their development. We have 15 league for medium teams. In each elementary school about 100 students involved in the project. I have a mentor teams who coordinate and monitor the competition in the field of robotics. "
He reminded that there were also marginal projects taking place on the sidelines, as well as concerning the contribution to society, such as environmental protection.
'' I would like to thank you for letting us warmly welcomed and I hope that we intrigued present ones through what we presented and approached the ideas, as well as the way we are investing in science and innovation in the long term pay and build entire nation thanks to knowledge," said Mr. Montias at the end of his speech.
After the lecture Mr. Arie Livne addressed the audience, by outlining that he was pleased with what he heard during the lecture, along with hope to be able to transfer the experience presented to the territory of the Republic of Srpska. Guests from Israel were accompanied by the hosts to visit the Ilona Weiss Synagogue.

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